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Chip inductor in early puberty

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According to data released by the prospective industry research institute, due to LCD TV, mobile phones, digital cameras, notebook computers, personal computer peripherals and network industry demand for the rapid growth of inductors, inductance needs to reach 205600000000 in 2014, a total of 10715000000 yuan. Among them, in 2014 the Chinese market demand for chip inductors reached 154200000000.

According to the China Electronic Components Industry Association statistics, in 2014 the proportion of chip inductors in the global inductor market is 75%, and in the next few years the proportion of the global chip inductors accounted for 90% of the market will remain.

With the rapid development of electronic information industry, chip inductors are widely used in mobile communication, computer, automotive electronics, high resolution television, radio and other fields. The main development direction of the inductor market is gradually becoming the main development direction.