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Department of management training Cen inductance 5S

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5S is finishing (SEIRI), (SEITON), cleaning (SEISO), clean (SEIKETSU), quality (SHITSUKE) five projects.

5S originated in Japan, through the specification of the scene, now, to create a clear working environment, to develop good working habits, the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of people:

1, get rid of careless heart, develop serious habits (seriously treat every one in the work of the "little things")

2, to comply with the provisions of the habit

3, and consciously maintain the work environment clean and clear good habits

4, the habit of civilized manners

Department staff in the cen inductance ideal, is a good working environment, harmonious atmosphere of management. 5S to create a safe, comfortable and bright working environment, improve the quality of employees, good, beautiful, so as to create a good corporate image, to achieve common dream.