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Inductor industry information

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The inductor industry in China started in the middle of last century, with the development of reform and opening, the introduction of technology and the development of high and new electronic technology, the industry of inductive device is in great opportunity and great development space. Especially in the late 80's, with the strong wind of the national color TV set, some companies take the lead in the introduction of advanced production equipment and technology, and promote the development of the inductive device industry.

Then global electronics and the swift development of the new products continue to emerge, coupled with the assembly industry transfer to the domestic, and domestic in recent years electronic machine production of further growth, the rapid growth in the field of home appliances LCD TV, notebook computer output rises, the development of automotive electronic field of high-grade folding machine, small DVD, mobile TV, coupled with the popularity of communication in the field of mobile phones and GPS navigation system. These have become the great power chip inductor market development, the demand in the future for a long period of time will be more and more, domestic and international market will be more broad.