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Japanese electronics show

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In mid October, Shenzhen Cen Industrial Co. Ltd. in Japan Tokyo International Electronics Exhibition

Display time: October 2015

Venue: Chiba [] Japan Makuhari Exhibition Center

Host unit: Japan's information and communication network industry association (CIAJ)

Japan Electronic Information Technology Industry Association (JEITA)

Japan Computer Software Association (CSAJ)

1 colorful display

JAPAN IT is the world's most cutting-edge technology, products, services, CEATEC electronic integrated exhibition, but also the world's only comprehensive and professional coexistence of the show. JAPAN CEATEC not only shows the latest technology, products, systems and software of Japan's major electronics companies, more electronic components, equipment, services and content, so that the audience to experience the world's most cutting-edge technology. In addition, every year many domestic and foreign television stations, newspapers, WEB and other news reporters arrived at the scene, a large number of interviews and reports to ensure that the show's media exposure rate.

2 to develop business opportunities

With more than 500 exhibitors and the size of the audience of nearly 150000, JAPAN CEATEC gathered industry sentiment, providing exchange platform, to help you win more business opportunities. At the same time, JAPAN CEATEC 2011 will be set up in the field of to B CEATEC Suite B activity area, the organization of the audience and exhibitors to conduct business negotiations.

In the exhibition area of electronic components, cen Techtronic Industries Co., Ltd. show the inductance around the company's flagship product, SMD inductors, power inductors, color ring inductance, I-shaped inductance, magnetic ring, filtering transformers and so on series inductor products, showing the our company's manufacturing capacity and production capacity, as well as some specializing in the production of inductance of the equipment.