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[ FAQS] Wireless charging principle?

Wireless charging is a device that uses electromagnetic wave induction to charge the device, similar to the transformer. In the sending and receiving ends each have a coil, sending coil connection cable power generating an electromagnetic signal, receiving end coil induction tran... [more]


[ FAQS] Q value of inductance

The higher the quality factor, the smaller the equivalent resistance of the inductor, the smaller the loss, the higher the selectivity, the more narrow the band. Relationship between Bw and resonance frequency W0 and quality factor Q [more]


[ FAQS] What are commonly used inductors?

Single coil is a circle around the enclosure to get a paper or bakelite skeleton insulated wire. Such as the transistor radio wave antenna coil. [more]


[ FAQS] What are some of the power inductor coils?

Power chip inductors are divided into two kinds of magnetic shield and no magnetic shield, mainly by the magnetic core and copper wire. In the circuit, the main filter and oscillation. Classified as 3 species: 1 winding 2 laminated type 3 braided type [more]


[ FAQS] What form of energy storage is an inductor?

The inductance is characterized by the current can not be mutated. The process of inductive energy storage is the process of the maximum current from zero to steady state. When the inductor current reaches maximum steady-state value. If no resistance (such as superconductors) sho... [more]


[ FAQS] Inductance is a passive element?

Our engineers often use the color ring inductance, SMD inductors, SMD power inductor, inductance in the week, I-shaped inductance, magnetic inductors, and so are part of the passive components. In fact, the passive components mainly include resistance, capa... [more]


[ FAQS] What does the inductance DCR and Z mean?

When the inductance is measured, the Z represents the impedance, and the DCR is said to be a direct current resistor. [more]

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