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[ LATESET NEWS] Our company participated in Applied Power Electronice Conference during Mar 18~20 in Anaheim, CA

  48,600 Expo Hall net square footage, 5,932 Attendees and  299 Exhibiting companies from 54 Countries represented. General manager Ke was introducing&... [more]



[Date] January 15th, 2020 (Wednesday) - 17th (Friday) 10:00-18:00 (January 17th, 10:00-17:00) [ Venue ] Japan Tokyo Ariake International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight, Japan) [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Electronica India2017&productronica India2017

 From 14September-16September we will be exhibiting at the  Electronica India 2017. We cordially invite you to visit our booth.      Our booth number is 7E08/7E , India. [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Electronica 2016 in Munich: November 8-11

From 8November-11November, we will be exhibiting at the  Electronica 2016. We cordially invite you to visit our booth.      Our booth number is B6.560/13 , Munich. [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] CEATEC JAPAN 2016---4October-7Octber

From 4 October – 7 October 2006, we will be exhibiting at the CEATEC JAPAN 2016 . We cordially invite you to visit our booth.     Our booth number is 4P02-5 , MakuhariMesse [more]



We will attend the exhibition of ELEXCON2016 from Agust24-Agust26 , warmly welcome visit our booth:1P22, NO.2 Room , Exhibition Centre Shenzhen [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Cenker Coil -2016 Electronica China

 Electronica & Productronica China 2016 was hold from 3/15-3/17 in shanghai new international expo centre , which covered the industry of integrated circuits, electronic components, components, and production equipment etc.,.   Cenker showed the... [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Shenzhen Overseas China Town East Outward Bound

 Cenker Outward bound was in OCT East , all of the members of cenker had fun and relaxed , we agained a lot in this activity  that teamwork spirit and trust are very important for us no matter in work or daily life , united we stand, divided we fall ... [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Day Trips in DaPeng Ancient City

 A group activity was hold in May9 , to visit DaPeng Ancient City , play games and BBQ , the whole members of Cenker had a good time , we always follow the principle “Efficient Work in Earnest , Healthy and Happy Life “ . [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] The Panorama of New Industrial Park

The New Industrial park , located at binyang city Guangxi province , covering the area of 70000 ㎡ . The Industrial park has been completed in Jan.1 2016 , all production line started run on June 2016 , enter into a new age of full automatic  and large-sca [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Inductive product series training

In June 5th, the marketing manager Liu to our marketing department to carry out a series of training The content of the training is the main color ring inductance based knowledge, I-shaped inductance basic knowledge, basic knowledge of SMD inductors, magnetic ring inductance b... [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Japanese electronics show

In mid October, Shenzhen Cen Industrial Co. Ltd. in Japan Tokyo International Electronics Exhibition Display time: October 2015 Venue: Chiba [] Japan Makuhari Exhibition Center Host unit: Japan's information and communication network industry association (CIAJ) Japan ... [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Tianxiang electronic relocation new factory

Congratulations (CEN, Tianxiang Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd.) moved to the new factory Moved to a new factory, the space to increase, our added some new production equipment, improve the output of our company inductance. For example: SMD inductors, power inductors, color rin... [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Inductor industry information

The inductor industry in China started in the middle of last century, with the development of reform and opening, the introduction of technology and the development of high and new electronic technology, the industry of inductive device is in great opportunity and great developme... [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Chip inductor in early puberty

According to data released by the prospective industry research institute, due to LCD TV, mobile phones, digital cameras, notebook computers, personal computer peripherals and network industry demand for the rapid growth of inductors, inductance needs to reach 205600000000 in 201... [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Warmly welcome customers cercone

Warmly welcome customers to visit our cercone (CEN, inductance) factory, to promote our further cooperation. [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] Department of management training Cen inductance 5S

5S is finishing (SEIRI), (SEITON), cleaning (SEISO), clean (SEIKETSU), quality (SHITSUKE) five projects. 5S originated in Japan, through the specification of the scene, now, to create a clear working environment, to develop good working habits, the ultimate goal is to improve ... [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] A Warm Welcome to Government Officer of Nanning Visit Our Industrial Park

The Secretary of Nanning Municipal Committee and 30 members of officer visited our Industrial park on April27 2015 . The secretary was gave us a big compliment and affirmation , especially for the full automatic device , facility , strategic planning and devel... [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] A Warm Welcome to Panasonic audit Our Production Base

 Panasonic have a period of 3 days audited our factory that give us a great affirmation when audited our facility and full automotive device production line of Axial Leaded Inductor , Choke Inductor , SMD Inductor  , and express the hope of that &nbs... [more]


[ LATESET NEWS] CENKER, inductance

June 3 to June 5, Panasonic Corporation to our Guangxi Binyang cenke inductance factory production base for a period of 3 days of the assessment. [more]

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